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Heat Treating Chamber

Pacific Pallet Exchange houses the only heat treating chamber in Northern California. This gives us the power to treat new or recycled pallets to ISPM 15 Certified standards.

Recycle Center

Here at Pacific Pallet, we are currently offering solutions for all your recycling needs. Whether it's scrap lumber, metal, cardboard, or any other type of recyclable material, we can set your company up with a detailed program tailored to your needs.


We own and operate all of our trucks, which include two forty-footers, four sets of doubles, and 15 dry vans. We can provide transportation services for your products at a discount, especially if we are dropping off a load of pallets or crates at your facility.

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We understand the situation. When you're out of pallets, you're out of business! By choosing Pacific Pallet Exchange, you're partnering with a professional pallet supplier and the people who care about keeping you up and running. We will build an inventory specific to your needs so that we're ready when you call! If you're tired of promises... Choose performance! Choose Pacific Pallet Exchange, Inc.

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